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Now Is The Time For Extra Shielding

Our Divine Download for November 20, 2023 is Shielding from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. It's a jungle out there. We live in a world of frenzied and chaotic energy. When we don't properly shield from it, we essentially make the choice to roll the dice and take the chance that we will take on and take in that frenzied and chaotic energy. And that's no good! It isn't good for any aspect of our body, mind, or soul, and it certainly isn't good for our life. But how do we properly shield from the energy of others and the batty energy of the collective? Shielding isn't a "one size fits all" type of endeavor. There are tips and tricks that might work for some that won't work as well for others, so it's important to work with what resonates best for you, because it can't work if you don't work it. You can use crystals and flowers to shield either your physical body or your work or living space (and maybe your vehicle too - road rage anyone?!) Which flowers and which crystals are going to be individual to you due to personal preference and bio individuality. One of my favorite ways to shield is with colored light. The color doesn't matter, and you can change it up as you feel called to do so. Imagine yourself surrounded by any colored light that you choose, maybe it surrounds you like a ball or a bubble, or maybe it drips over you like honey (maybe the Angels even pour it over you because Angels themselves can be very helpful in shielding as long as we remember to ask them to help shield us!). Once you see yourself completely surrounded by this colored light shield, make sure that you set the intention that no negative or lower vibrational energy may pass through your shield, they will bounce off as though your shield is made of rubber. Also set the intention that all high vibrational energies like love and kindness can easily pass through your shield because you do not want to inadvertently block yourself from the sweeter sides of life! Right now, this card is coming up for us because we are in need of a bit of extra protection through shielding. So get your shield on!

If you have not been in the habit of shielding, you have likely taken on the energy of all kinds of people and situations and sometimes those energies can settle in your body. An Integrative Reiki Session will cleanse and balance your energy, giving you a whole new lease on life. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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