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Nurture in Nature

Our Divine Download for June 13, 2020 is Spend More Time in Nature from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. When things feel emotionally challenging, or the outer world isn't playing well with others, it can be very natural for us to retreat within the sanctuary of our home, or even hide under the covers. However, this card puts us on notice that we need to be spending more time outside, in nature, grounding ourselves, and in communion with nature. When we hole up and hide, and go within, we can become overrun with cerebral and water energies, or even become fired up about certain things with nowhere for than energy to go in order to be actively expressed as it is meant to be. Earth energies, outside, in nature are the solution to evening out those energies that tend to run rampant when we've become tucked away. Most of us can use some extra grounding following months of shelter in place and quarantine orders. Don't just make it a point to be out in nature today, but seek to commune with nature every day. And don't just sit there! Move through nature. Move with nature. Put your feet in the water or on the grass. Smell the flowers. Touch the leaves. Literally hug a tree (I promise, you will not be sorry that you did!) These elements of nature are just waiting for us to interact with them so that they may lend us their wisdom, strength and support. There are no orders that are barring us from communing with nature. It's always there for us. When we take the time to embrace this sacred communion, we also realize our role as citizens of this planets and not merely members of the human race. We see our part in the whole, while realizing that there is so much more going on at any given moment beyond that which might effect us personally. Nature is the great equalizer. The great supporter. Seek out ways to make yourself a part of it, rather than feeling distanced and separated from it. Ask Archangel Michael to help support your mission to make daily communion with nature a part of your every day life.

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