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Nurture, Relax, and Know

Our Divine Download for February 4, 2022 is New Moon in Cancer/Relax from the Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards. January was rough. There's just no sugar coating that. The macrocosmic astrological energies have been heavy and as such they have felt harsh. Now that Mercury has stationed direct, and Venus stationed last week, things will start moving slowly. We are not off to the races just yet. We are being guided to take some time to have some fun, to lighten up, to integrate the emotions that have come up for us during these retrograde cycles. This card holds Divine Feminine energy and reminds us that there is goddess energy on our side. Things are happening behind the scenes which have not tangibly manifested yet, and this is just our gentle remind to connect to that fact (FACT!) and relax and breathe while it all unfolds beautifully and exactly how and when it should. What your heart holds dearest is well and safe. Everything your hear holds dearest is safe and well. Because this is a card and a message of Divine Feminine energy, this not only isn't the time to aggressively seek that which you want or that which you desire, but it may be the time to find another approach or another angle. Nurture those people in your life who need you. Nurture yourself and remember to be gentle with yourself too! Be more mindful of what you are feeding yourself in all ways. Call in Archangel Gabriel to help you to nurture and feed, to really care for your own inner child. Affirm "When I nurture myself, life nurtures me back."

Reiki is a wonderfully nurturing, relaxing experience which allows you to connect to and be nurtured by Universal Life Force Energy. Book your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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