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Nurture Your Connections

Our Divine Download for March 20, 2023 is Cancer/Immerse from The Starcodes Astro Oracle. Yesterday we had the Moon come up reminding us of the importance of our emotions and being present in our emotions and letting them guide us. Today, we have the sign of Cancer come up, which is ruled by the Moon. Cancer therefore shares similar meaning with the Moon and doubles down on asking us to focus on on our emotions and lunar cycles. Cancer also has to do with our house and home, and has much to do with nurturing and the mother archetype, whether that be our literal mother, or a mother figure, or how we define mother. Cancer calls on your to be the emotional leader and to allow yourself to be fed by spirit, because once you allow yourself to be nurtured in this way through the divine, it becomes easier to accept the ordinary human limitations of the people around you When you are in the role of nurturer, whether for yourself or others, do so with a balanced approach of honest feedback, support, and self-care in order to nurture without enabling. The crab, the representation of the sign of Cancer, is soft on the outside and squishy on the inside. Remember that the defenses that you think will keep you safe may actually keep important people out, so you may need to consider softening your shell. Cancer also reminds you to be aware of the psychic pool in which you float. If you feel tossed by the waves or battered by the anxiety of those around you, dive down deeper and find the calm below. Float in the ocean of collective consciousness and feel cradled and nurtured by the divine.

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