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Nurture Your Creativity

Our Divine Download for April 14, 2022 is Second Chakra, Archangel Ariel from the Energy Oracle Cards. Your second chakra is your Sacral Chakra and is your center or creativity and creation and also the chakra which moves you forward in the world. Often when cards such as these come up, there is a need for increased or better balanced creative expression in your life. Often people get stuck on the word creative because they believe, erroneously, that they are not creative if they are not painters, sculptors, authors, musicians, or some other type of artisan. But this is nonsense! Each and every one of us create each and every single day. We can cook creatively, dress creatively, express our spoken words creatively, etc. In fact, there isn't much that we do that can't be and isn't done creatively. We also create our lives, our literal realities, in manifestation partnership with the universe each and every single day. Holy creativity Batman! As we lean into acceptance of our creative nature, it becomes easier for us to move forward in all areas of our lives. This is also a time when the energies of closeness with other and nurturing yourself are able to flow more freely now. If your creative expression has felt blocked or limited, this is a sure sign for you that you will be opening up to new and different ideas and inspiration. Archangel Ariel will help to buoy your strength to release any old fears, judgments, patterns, and self-limitations which may be holding you back or blocking your full creative expression. Affirm: "My second chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state. I am creative and self-nurturing, more and more comfortable with the gentle waves of intimacy coming my way."

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