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Nurture Your Nature

Our Divine Download for October 20, 2020 is Nature from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck. It's time to nurture yourself through your connection to nature. It's also time to nurture your connection to nature. This card often shows up when you've been spending too much time inside and not getting out to recharge yourself in nature often enough. Spending too much time indoors, or not enough time outdoors, disconnects us from our natural state and can leave us feeling drained and lethargic. It also disconnects us from out proper role in nature and our weakens or dulls our connection to the divine that we share with all living things. Nature nurtures and balances us in so many ways. It nourishes body, emotions, mind, and soul. It energizes, revitalizes, and strengthens our entire being. The sun inspires and warms us. The Earth grounds and balances us. The wind cleanses our energy and moves us. The water clears and balances our emotions and helps us to be in the healthy flow of emotional expression. Every part of nature plays a part in her majestic symphony for our senses. The sounds, the smells, the colors, all that we touch or that touches us. Humans tend to vacation at or near certain geographical locations because these locations (mountains, oceans, lakes, forests, etc) contain a specific frequency, a piezioelectric charge which is greater that our own frequency and therefore recharges us. It is necessary and healthy for us to plug into nature and allow it to recharge us on a very regular basis. Build time into your schedule on a regular basis to recharge in this lovely, uplifting, natural way. Spending quiet time by and with yourself in nature also helps you further deepen your connection to your self and your soul. It allows you to better hear and understand your intuition. Nature will literally soothe your soul. Connect and immerse yourself in her as often as you are able.

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