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Nurture Yourself Like Mother Earth Nurtures All

Our Divine Download for July 27, 2021 is Gaia/Nurturing from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. In case you missed it in yesterday's message, Mother Earth and all of nature is showing up to support us right now. Gaia, another name for Mother Earth, not only wants to support us, but she intends to nurture us so that we may grow and flourish. Will you allow yourself to be nurtured by Gaia? We receive sustenance from Gaia every single minute of every single day simply by breathing the air that she provides us. We receive nutrition from eating the food that comes from her fertile soil. We are hydrated, and replenish the water that we are largely made up from by drinking the waters that she gives us. Yet we rarely look at Gaia as someone with whom we have a relationship, and we rarely acknowledge the sacred act of receiving from Gaia to honor her spirit. Receiving can be as wholesome and holy an act as giving when we receive with a humble heart. This becomes truer to a greater degree when we allow ourselves to receive acts of nurturing. It is honoring others and the true spirit of human compassion when we allow others to give to us. We may have received certain behavioral conditioning during our childhoods or throughout our lifetimes which makes it habitual to block ourselves from receiving from others, but all habits can be overcome and all wounds can be healed. Gaia will support us and nurture us through this healing cycle if we will allow her to do so. One of the biggest, most immediate ways that we can begin to heal these wounds is through nurturing ourselves. Do you nurture yourself? How do you nurture yourself? Do you prioritize nurturing yourself? What comes to your mind when you think about doing nurturing or beneficial things for yourself? Begin to prioritize your own self nurturing. Do this in partnership with Gaia as she will show you the way. Create receiving rituals out of all of the nurturing that Gaia offers us, and give to yourself in this way as well. Set aside time and space each day to honor yourself, and your connection with Mother Earth by allowing your body, heart, and soul to be nurtured.

When the wounds of our childhood or those that we have accumulated throughout our lifetime are still do acute that they are preventing us from nurturing ourselves as we need and deserve in the present, it could be time to consider an Energetic Cord Cutting which will remove only the negative energetic attachment we have to certain events or people. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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