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Obstacles Removed, Abundance en Route!

Our Divine Download for November 14, 2021 is Lord Ganesh/Infinite Abundance from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. Hmmmmm. It wasn't so very long ago (like mere days!) where Lord Ganesh came up for us before! Just in case you missed his guidance and assurance the last time, he lovingly reminds us "Obstacles are being removed. Spiritual support and connections are increasing." Boom. And so it IS! Lord Ganesh insists that we move beyond any self imposed limitations at this time. He asks us to reject the idea of "it's not meant to be" and to focus on "if this is for my greatest and highest good then the universe will take be there safely." Ooooohhhhhh, doesn't that just feel better?! It's high time that we eliminate "it's not meant to be" from our vocabulary completely. No more self defeatest statements! What other self defeating statements are you using that also need to go? Take an inventory today and kick them to the curb! Ganesh brings a clear light to our external situation as he removes any and all obstacles from our path, and he will also help us clear up any inner conflicts if we call on him to help us do so. When obstacles do arise, as they will, know that they are just reminders that you care abut your path and that you have the ability to change your current situation. BOOM. And so it IS!! Ganesh is hear to help us and to bless us. Thank him for clearing the way. You can increase your connection to Ganesh by chanting "Om Gam, Ganapataye, Namaha!" Allow the clearing and the blessing to commence!

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