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Open To Joy & Sharing Through Trust

Our Divine Download for July 1, 2022 is Three Graces from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle. The Three Graces encourage cooperative ventures with friends, focusing on joy, sharing, and new partnerships that are fun. The Three Graces support us in finding like-minded souls to work with and creating a happy workplace. They alert us that a new sense of community is being birthed which may include meeting new friends who feel like family (and alternatively this can include viewing our family as new friends). The Three Graces encourage us to overcome trust issues with other people as trust issues with other people really indicate that we do not fully trust ourselves and are still judging ourselves overly harshly or taking on too much accountability or responsibility from past hurts or wrongs committed against us. When we can share and foster understanding with the people in our lives these cooperative energies bring about new opportunities for us. When we can approach the work in our lives as play and with a sense of delight, it helps us to be in tune with our purpose and talents, which also brings us greater and better opportunities to utilize our talents and live our purpose. When you call on the Three Graces of the Faery realm, they will assist you to find like-minded magical souls to work and play with effortlessly. It is time to overcome the harsh energy of mistrust and to be willing to share more with others. When the right souls are involved, all is safe and abundance is the natural result.

In order to make space for new friends, joy, partnerships, and sharing, we must sometimes cut the negative cords of attachment to past situations with certain people in our lives. An Energetic Cord Cutting will help you overcome mistrust of self and others while making space for positive connections to flourish and thrive. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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