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Open to Release

Our Divine Download for September 24, 2021 is Cracked Open "Rock Bottom. Surrender to the alchemy of life." from The Starseed Oracle. Our society has really negatively conditioned us that it is bad to show emotions, especially the so-called challenging or negative emotions like grief, sadness, and anger. But all of our emotions are necessary and all of our emotions are valid. Our so-called positive emotions cannot exist without their oppositions also existing. Both are necessary for balance. We are being told that there are some long-buried emotions that need to come up and out to be expressed, noticed, or experienced. What have you been holding inside that it is time to let out? What have you long buried within yourself that maybe it is time to bring to light? Emotional experiences and emotional expression tends to get a real bum rap. There is a lot of stigma and fear surrounding our own emotions and our emotional experiences. If you need to experience sadness, you will not be sad forever. You will not cry forever. #facts It is just as unlikely that you will have the physical stamina to demonstratively express your anger for a sustained period of time. Grief is it's own animal, and grief is not static. It changes moment to moment and breath to breath as it evolves within us and becomes a beautiful and meaningful part of us. It is nearly impossible to become stuck in something that is fluid in it's very nature. You know what is cracking you open. You know what is longing to be released. You know what parts of yourself you need to bring light to. Sometimes just the awareness of looking at it from your new perspective can be enough to bless it and release it. Whatever it is, it's time to let it go. Like Shrek says "Better out than in!"

Sometimes we bury our big feelings because we feel so alone in our experience that the idea of processing our feelings becomes overwhelming. Our Angels are there for us and will help us feel surrounded and supported by their love while they help us through our big feelings. Check in with your Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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