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Open Your Life to Love

Our Divine Download for May 28, 2020 is Angel of Love from the Energy Oracle Cards. This Angel of love brings us tender, heart felt connections. She focuses on compassion and affection. Whether you are looking for new love, or to up the intimate connection in an existing relationship, she reminds you that we must prioritize our intention for tenderness and demonstrate compassion towards yourself first and foremost because that vibration will influence the energetic potential of all other events and connections in a significant way. When you make this a priority, the Angel of love helps you by forging connections in the energetic realm. Our Angel of love also lovingly suggests that it is time to release any toxic or unrequited attachments that you may be holding on to, either in your current relationships or past relationships. The Universe is waiting for you to free your heart and fully open your life to the present for the love that you fully deserve to be honored with. The Affirmation for the Angel of Love is: "I love and value myself without limitation or condition. Tender, loving treatment comes to me in wonderful and unexpected ways." And so it is!

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ARE YOU FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO LOVE & VALUE YOURSELF? A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading can help you identify where those blocks and barriers are and the spiritual action steps you can take to overcome them.

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