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Open Yourself To the Strength of Vulnerability

Our Divine Download for November 7, 2020 is Meadow/Vulnerability from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Meadows are wide-open spaces with little to no protection around those spaces making them innately vulnerable. We are being called to open up and expand ourselves, opening space for vulnerability and dropping the walls that we have build around ourselves in order to create the illusion of protection. We're being guided that it's safe to trust, it's safe to let other people in, it's safe to let our guards down. Vulnerability is built on trust. Open to allow the truth of who you are to expand in all of it's divine beauty like the meadow. We have been conditioned in the past through our experiences that it is not safe to let others know who we really are and this is our sign that we no longer need to be subjected to or operate from a place of those conditioned fears. We may be judged, criticized, and we may not always be accepted. But in the expansiveness of our meadow of authentic self we are stronger now and are better able to deal with the fear based ego-centric reactions and judgments of others. Continuing to respond in our maladaptive way to play it safe no longer serves us and actually stunts our growth and our expansion. Withholding the truth, the whole truth, of who you really are only serves to create an illusion of safety, and you just don't need to continue to play smaller than you are or to play it safe. There is no greater weapon that you can be armed with then the full authentic truth of exactly who you truly are.

Some experience with certain people are so detrimental or damaging that they cause negative cords of attachments to develop between us and those people. An energetic cord cutting will remove those cords which frees us to move forward from a place of full authentic expression. Book Your Session!


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