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Partner With The Universe For Support

Our Divine Download for October 31, 2021 is Agent or Manager from The Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards with the message "Your work expands it's reach as you partner with a professional who can help you." Newsflash: we are not meant to work alone. We are not meant to do it all alone. Whatever it is. Human beings are not solitary creatures, and we are meant to live in and thrive by a sense of community. Yet one of the first things that we teach our babies is a sense of independence so strong that they are proud as they declare "I do it myself!" And if we're honest, we never really lose that misplaced pride and sense of accomplishment of being independent. Independence is great and it has it's place, BUT, so does interdependence. Our message today is that there is something that we are meant to work with others on. We need help in order to grow and thrive to our fullest potential. If you're not sure what that help is or where it may come from, ask your Angels for help to connect you with the appropriate and best partners! Ask your Angels to help support you in the fullest and most successful attainment of your goals. Because we're not meant to know all of those things on our own either and we are very much in a partnership with the Divine, whether or not we choose to acknowledge and honor that partnership. It's time to get serious about your career or your life purpose, and for that you need some help from professionals. It's also time to put yourself out there in a bigger, bolder, brighter way than you have in the past - no more being shy about who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer the world. Give your worries about possible criticism or "failure" over to the universe, and allow God and your Angels to relieve you of any perfectionism that is keeping your creative works hidden from the world. It's not your job to please everyone, and not everyone will resonate with who you are or the message within your work, and that's okay. The only way you will receive blessings from your work is if you make it available to bless as many people as it is meant to. You've got this. Allow your partnership with the divine to have your back, and bring in a partner or professional support person to support your most divinely guided growth yet.

If you are looking for a spiritually minded, spiritually based approach to your partner or professional support, check our the Luminary Mentoring Program offering custom sessions for those on the path to their infinite potential: Illuminate Your Full Potential HERE!


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