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Partner With Those Who Will Support Your Growth

Our Divine Download for October 29, 2022 is Two of Imps and Two of Ghosts from The Halloween Tarot. In other tarot interpretations, the Two of Imps would be considered the two of fire, two of wands, two of spring, and the two of Archangel Gabriel. The Two of Ghosts would be considered the two of water, two of cups, two of hearts, two of summer, and two of Archangel Raphael. Twos are about our relationships with other people. The Two of Imps suggests that a wonderful partnership is on the horizon for you now that you have come into your own. However, Imps and fire are active, so this suggests that you have to take action in order to manifest this wonderful partnership. This is likely to be a professional or business relationship or collaboration. However, the Two of Ghosts and all of the wonderful watery energy that accompanies this suit also suggests that this will be an emotionally rewarding partnership which will grow into a friendship or mentorship and will feed and balance you emotionally. This is a relationship which will grow and expand and be cooperative and supportive in nature. This will be a turning point for you in your professional relationships as well as your professional growth. You will feel valued and appreciated possibly for the first time in your professional arena. This may lead you to evaluate the other relationships in your life, through the lens of what feels good to you. With two two's showing up together, this is also an indication that you may have choices present themselves in your professional and personal life. If that is the case, your guidance is to follow your heart and go with whichever option feels best to your heart space. Wonderful things are on the horizon for you!

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