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Passionately Evolve Your Enthusiasm

Our Divine Download for May 17, 2023 is Enthusiasm from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards. Mother Mary says "Whatever I am most passionate about is the direction I follow." Enthusiasm or passion, whatever we want to call it is SO very important for us, for our lives, and especially for anything and everything that we want to manifest. We literally cannot manifest without enthusiasm or passion. The universe doesn't typically match or deliver a "meh" vibration. The problem for many of us is that we aren't living, but are in survival mode, and as such, we really don't feel enthusiasm or passion for anything, either in a long, long time, or possible ever. So NOW is the time. NOW is the time to lean into and learn our passion. What are we excited about? What are we enthusiastic about? What are we passionate about? If we don't know the answers to these questions, it's okay. Because it can actually be fun to learn and to try things on for size. It's okay if as you experiment to figure out your enthusiasm not everything is super fun or something that you feel passionate about, but trying, and experience are how we learn, so if we don't try, we can't know. It's also okay if those things that we once felt passionately about, we no longer do. We're allowed to grow and evolve and change our minds and live and learn - it's part of the process! The more enthusiasm and passion you can bring to and experience in your life, the more powerful a manifestor you will be. #facts

Our Angels know that it's not always easy for us to find and figure out our passions and those things that we are enthusiastic about and they will gladly help us due so during a 60 minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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