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Pause to Create Balance

Our Divine Download for December 12, 2020 is Balance from the Fairy Tarot Cards. So, not only was yesterdays card also a major arcana card just as this one is, but today's card is the next subsequent card in the major arcana! Whoa. Holy Serendipity Batman! This is a sure sign that we are absolutely positively 1000% on the right path and that things are flowing for us as they're meant to. Change, especially the big, soul shaking, transformative change of release that we experienced yesterday can be more than a little bit unsettling, even when it is change that we have desperately wanted for a long, Long, LONG time. That type of release opens up space for us in ways that we didn't realize were possible and that sort of opening and newfound vast spaciousness leaves us feeling more than somewhat off balance. Balance as it is represented on this particular card is not something that can be rushed into, but rather something which must be achieved over time. And balance, in this sense, is all about compromise. But not compromise in the traditional sense of the word which cases most of us to moan and groan at the mere concept. This is the type of beautiful blended balance in which everyone wins and no one feels as though they are losing or being denied anything. Often balance in this way is divinely orchestrated and inspired. It may be that you need to simply pause. Pause and take a few slow, deep breaths. Connect with yourself in your newfound spaciousness born out of release and see where you feel out of balance. Go for a walk in nature. Talk to the fairies. Ask them to remove any anxiety or worry that you have and help restore you to a place of peace. In this time of quiet, pause, and mindful reflection, you can become aware of new creative ways to cultivate and restore balance, and even creative solutions for problems at hand. Be open to unique ideas that can be combined in interesting ways to bring about unanticipated and exciting new results. Be open to and willing to embrace new ideas and inspirations and the creative, balanced solutions which they may yield. Be open to moving forward in a beautifully balanced new ways.

When we are in a situation or going through a release and transformation, it can be difficult to see beyond where we are and what we are in. Our Angels love to help us see with greater clarity and inspire balance within and around us. Connect with them during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book a Session Today!


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