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Pay Attention To All Of The Potentials

Our Divine Download for September 10, 2023 is Pay Attention!/Nettle from The Illustrated Herbiary. Nettle can be powerful a curative agent for many ailments. Nettle also stings when you interact with it in certain ways. Either way, it is important to pay attention and be aware of both possibilities and potentials of this powerful plant. In the same way, Nettle is asking you what you need to pay attention to in your own life in which maybe you have previously only shown attention to the positive or negative sides of things in the past. What is trying to get your attention in your own life right now? And why is it so desperate to get your attention? Is it attempting to garner your attention to cure or to sting? Or both? Be mindful of all of the things in your life and be mindful of their dualitites. Be mindful of your own duality in how you choose to look at certain things, or at everything. Are you looking at the things in your life through the lens of every possible potential (which is what Nettle asks of you)? Or, are you just seeing what appears to be present on the surface? Nettle guides us to stay away from labels right now and to look, and even potentially dig a little deeper. Nettle cautions us to especially avoid any and all assumptions at this juncture in our lives.

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