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Peaceful Inspiration Inspires Peace

Our Divine Download for September 23, 2020 is Peace and Inspiration from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. Peace suggests that this is a time for quiet reflection and a time for stillness. In order to be peaceful and experience the peace that you crave, you must first slow down, stop thinking, and take a time out - it's necessary to rest and recharge. In silence we can better hear ourselves, our guides, and our Angels. Inspiration often hides in the silence. Remember to breathe in the still and the silence. Go deep into your inner sanctuary. The inner sanctuary is a sacred place and the place where you will most intensely recharge, refuel, and rest. It is here where you'll find true balance. At your very center. Once you've experienced this peace, this rest, this inner tranquility, you'll be able to see with new eyes and hear with new ears. It is possible to cultivate a sense of peace in each and every moment, with practice. Order is restored through peace. Personal peace allows us to reach peaceful agreements with others. Peace is also the path to active prayer and meaningful meditation, and you become better (best!) able to connect with peace through these practices. Inspiration is also often achieved through meditation, but peace and inspiration so often (always?!) go hand in hand. Nature is also a wonderful place to connect with your sense of peacefulness and is one of the greatest sources of inspiration. Inspiration calls on you to trust in your imagination, which is the gateway to true magic. It is SO much easier to trust when you do so from a place of settled calm and peace. Be prepared for a flash of inspiration to bring a brilliant revelation and illuminate any creative ideas. You won't miss it and you can't ignore it, because if you don't focus and follow up right away, it will be repeated and reflected until you do get it and take meaningful inventive and innovative action. This is how you will allow your visions to manifest into reality. So start a project. Write, paint, draw, cook, get your creative on however you feel so called. Follow your inspiration. Enjoy your peace.

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