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Peaceful Presence of Patience

Our Divine Download for May 24, 2020 is Patience and Indecision from the Energy Oracle Cards. I know, I know: the P word. Everyone's favorite. BUT, let's try to rewrite the script on that p-word, shall we? Patience is all about having a peaceful presence and letting go of desperation. It's time to release the old urgency and in doing so we will be able to see with a much clearer perspective. Often times we are impatient because we are trying to force our will and control situations that aren't ours to control. When you are so steadfast in your belief that there is only one solution (yours), you actually block the energy from other possible, and possibly even greater potential solutions. The Universe has more options than our mere mortal minds can possibly even fathom. When we choose to be peaceful in the present, we broaden our perspective and allow those possibilities to come through. The Affirmation for Patience is: "I pursue my goals with open receptivity. I am patient and flexible, willing to receive in many surprising and imaginative ways." Indecision over which choice to make can keep us paralyzed from forward movement while we wait for the Universe to provide tangible evidence that one of our multitude of choices is better than another. Oftentimes, indecision comes from trying to force one of our options into fitting a situation in a certain way. When we are patient and connected to the present moment, we can meditate and allow spirit to guide us and choose from a heart centered place of what feels like the better or best option to us. When we make decisions from this place, we cannot chose wrong. That freedom from indecision breeds a clarity of consciousness, connectedness, and awareness which helps you bring a newfound structure and discipline to your choices, plans, and life. It also makes it easier for you to create clear powerful intentions regarding your new choice which allows you to move forward with purpose, better connected to your personal power. The Affirmation for Indecision is: "I release fear and mover forward with courage and trust. I have the power to direct my own destiny - now and always." And so it is.

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