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Plant What You Wish To Grow

Our Divine Download for May 5, 2023 is Ostara/Fertility from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Ostara is a goddess associated with spring and even with the Easter holidays in some cultures. As such, she is putting you on notice that it is a time for you to plant your literal and proverbial seeds, and therefore to decide what you want to grow through the summer season to be harvested in the autumn. There could also be projects or proverbial seeds that you wish to plant which could require longer incubation periods, and that's okay too. Regardless of what it is you want to plant, which seeds you wish to sew, it is time for you to get planting. It is time for you to both take positive and proactive action now, while thinking about and planning for the future. There truly are no limitations to what you are able to sew or plant at this time, only the limits that you place upon yourself through our own doubts or your own thoughts (so maybe don't do that!) Anything that you wish, everything you desire, is possible, and the time to put those wishes and those desires in motion is now. Of course in order to be able to reap the rewards from what you are planting and sewing, it is also necessary for you to commit to tending to your seeds, and then your crops each and every single day. It is not enough to simply drop a seed into the soil and say "oh well, whatever happens happens." Not if you really, truly want that desire to manifest anyway. So figure out what it is you want, get to planting, and watch your dreams grow and bloom before your very eyes.

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