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Play Your Way To Your Truth

Our Divine Download for July 28, 2021 is Childhood/Innocence from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. We are all born innocent. Fact. That innocence is our true nature. Fact. That innocence still lives inside of each of us, regardless of what we may have seen, heard, or experienced in our lifetime. Fact. But we forget that innocence. We forget the truth of our nature and the true nature of others. We certainly do no look at others or their actions through the lens of innocence as we are so quick to judge and assign fault and blame. We are being guided at this time to reconnect with the truth of our innocence. We are being urged to rediscover the child like wonder that exists for all of us. We are being reminded that we are here, on this planet at this time to be in joy, or at the very least to be moving down our path towards joy. When was the last time that you experienced joy? What are you allowing to block your joy? When was the last time that you played? (Hint: if you have to think about it, it has been far too long). Play. Today. What does that mean for you right now? If you don't know, it's okay. But it's time for you to discover that! And, you get to have some fun discovering what it means for you to play while you're at it! Play at this stage in our lives may not look the same way it did for us when we were children (though it might!). Play is whatever it means to you to have fun and to be in joy. Play is always joyful. Play allows you to enjoy yourself, your environment, and those around you. Rediscover play! Prioritize play! Every. Single. Day. When you rediscover and prioritize play, it allows you to begin to release any shame that you have experienced that has blocked the truth of who you really are. When you are able to begin to release this, you are able to see every moment with fresh eyes and remove the filters that prevent your inner light from coming forth and shining as brightly as it possibly can. You are a child of the creator, perfectly and wonderfully created. Tune back into the magic of this wondrous truth.

Our Angels have always recognized and embraced our purity and our innocence and they will help guide us back to these truths through a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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