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Plug Into Your People

Our Divine Download for July 8, 2020 is Sodalite/Socialize or Join In with the message "Make healthy and supportive new friendships and connections by getting involved with a group of like-minded people." from the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards. It's time for us to come out of our shells. Just a little bit. It's safe, and it's okay, and there are so very many ways for us to do it. As yesterday's message lovingly guided us, it's also really essential to our healing process right now. We've been away from our people and our groups and our places for so long. And some of us still may not feel comfortable venturing back out to those people and places as we did before. And that's okay. But, rather than sitting home and allowing our potential discomfort or our discomfort with the world climate to consume our thoughts, find other ways to make those meaningful connections. Online connectivity is still available and is an option even with new people and new groups. If we have learned nothing else in the past few months, we have learned how to modify our own places and those that we frequent in a multitude of different ways for varying safety and comfort levels. And this is telling you that it's time. It's time for you to reach out to be with people, however that may look for you, in a more meaningful way, right now, today. Maybe make plans to have a socially distanced visit with a friend that you haven't seen for a while. Maybe search out a group that you would like to connect with and begin to make plans as to in which way you will do so. Sodalite is a throat chakra stone, and it indicates that there is some communication that needs to happen with you and a person or a group of people. There's an imbalance there, and it's time to speak up if you have not been doing so, or it could be that it's time to listen. And in situations where the necessity for physical distance has maybe led to emotional distance, it's time to reach out and re-engage, to create opportunities for the necessary and healing communication to occur. It's time to plug back into your people, or to seek out new people to plug in to.

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