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Power Up!

Our Divine Download for February 21, 2021 is Inner Power from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. Guess what? You are more powerful than you ever could imagine! Yes!! YOU!!! Now is the time for you to realize the true scope of exactly how darned powerful you are. Now is the time for you to harness it, and to embrace it. So often we shy away from the true expression of our authentic inner power and our inner truths for the comfort of others. And that usually doesn't work out particularly well for us. Playing small, not acknowledging everything we are, and all that we're capable of, it's just so very passe. It doesn't serve us, and it certainly doesn't serve our divine rite purpose. We are here right now to live our most authentic lives, fully in the glory of everything we are and all that we have the potential to be. We are here right now to live and learn in joy! Each and every one of us has within us the full power of the Universe. Yes, all of it. ALL. OF. IT.!!! We do. Facts. No one is more powerful that you. Facts. As a spiritually minded being (i.e. a spiritual being having a human experience) it is impossible for you to abuse or misuse your power. So what are you waiting for? Why are you holding back? Why has it been easier for you not to believe in your power up til now? It's time for us to release any fear and any misperceptions that we have relating to the scope of our own power. We honor ourselves when we fully express our true inner power. Our guides will help us get up to speed with our own power by bringing us opportunities to use and expand our power in ways that will bring blessings to the world. Because our light and our power is so very needed right now. What this world needs most right now is for all lightworkers, including you, to realize and utilize their power. You're not doing yourself or anyone else any favors when you do not. If this is challenging for you, a completely foreign concept, or maybe just isn't 100% comfortable yet, Affirm: "It is safe for me to be powerful! I have all the power of the Universe flowing through me and supporting me."

Sometimes we take on the power abuses and misuses of others, including our ancestors who have come before, as our own. And these energies become stuck in our bodies, blocking the full and authentic expression of our own power. Clear through these types of blocks with a Flower Therapy Chakra Session so that you can get on with expressing your power as you are meant to! Book your Session Today!


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