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Power Up Authentic Expression

Our Divine Download for April 9, 2021 is Be Yourself from the Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards. Your authentic self is rooted in and connected to the Divine. Your authentic self freely, fully, and unapologetically expresses your personal power and Divine Connection on the regular. #facts So, how's that going for you? Do you feel free to fully express your divinely connected power? Do you feel powerful? Do you feel divinely connected? If not, you may have simply forgotten exactly who you are. Take the time to remember. Give yourself the grace of space to allow yourself to remember and connect. Do you feel like your authentic self? Do you know who that is? Do you feel authentic? Have you ever? The truth of who you are, your true, powerful, authentic self is beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful and liberating truths that you will ever know. The full expression of your own powerful authenticity is one of the most amazing gifts that you can give to the world, and to yourself. So what's holding you back? What are you allowing to keep you from fully discovering? Expressing? Sharing? It's go time for you time. All of you. Beautiful you. Amazing you. Connected you. Powerful you. All of you! Even the parts that you may fear that others will not like or accept, they're all part of greater whole of you-ness. Don't pick and choose which parts of yourself you share, or which parts of yourself you accept. It's sort of a trick your ego likes to play on you because self acceptance is truly and all or nothing proposition. It feels way better, way nicer, way easier to be accepting of self than to reject yourself. The more accepting you are of self, the more space it creates within you to be accepting of others, without limitations and strings. And ohmygoodness is our world in need of the energy of acceptance right now! So power up that self-acceptance. Power up that self connection. Power up that divine connection. And while you're at it, just power up!

Our Angels see us and accept us just as we are and they can help us challenge some of our perceptions in order to see ourselves as they see us. See yourself through their eyes with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book yours today: Book Your Session!

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