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Practice Kindness Towards Self

Our Divine Download for February 22, 2021 is Kindness from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. Ohmygoodness how the word "kindness" was thrown around ad nauseum in 2020! With all the divisiveness, many were promoting "let's just be kind" or suggesting that we focus on kindness. Which is great, in theory. BUT, so often when we hear people talking about kindness in this context, they are not speaking of true kindness, but rather their version or their definition thereof, and oh lordy how there are strings attached to that type of kindness! And, let's be real for a second: when it comes to blatant acts of racism, mysoginy , out-right hate, kindness regardless of the definition, just doesn't cut it. Kindness is a jumping off point. It's a place to start. And frankly, it's a rather low bar that we should all be hitting automatically. But do not allow kindness to be either a buzz word, or worse a cop out that exempts you from more action oriented solution based behavior in the face of the oppressions that you see in this world. Most of the time kindness feels foreign or unachievable not so much because we live in a harsh world, but because we have allowed the harshness of the world we live in to taint the way we meet and treat ourselves. Simply put: we are neither nice nor kind to ourselves. And then we wonder why it is so challenging for us to show kindness to others! This card puts us on notice that it is time to practice kindness towards ourselves first and foremost. Notice that word "practice." We are not likely to get it right or treat ourselves kindly 100% of the time. But we want to practice until it becomes easier and more automatic just like any other skill. People often define kindness as a form of "thoughtfulness" and that is one way to look at it. But it is more accurately described as "lovefulness." Thoughts come will all sorts of strings attached, caveats, and exceptions, even exemptions. But love, love is pure, love is simple, and love is absolute. Look for the ways that you can show your "lovefulness" towards your self and others today and allow your love to inspire acts and actions of prolonged systemic kindness which grows and multiplies as it inspires others to do the same. Affirm: "I am kind, thoughtful, and loving to myself and others." And so it is!

When self kindness and self love is a challenge, turn to your Angels who love and cherish you unconditionally for an action plane. A 60 Minute Angel Card Reading will give you just that and more! Book your session today!


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