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Practice Using Your Tools

Our Divine Download for December 28, 2023 is Practice, Practice, Practice! from the Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards. All of the things that we've been talking about these past couple of days, these past couple of weeks, these past couple of months, throughout this year, are all things that you will need to practice. So often we receive guidance from spirit and have the unrealistic expectation that we need to have mastered the concepts within the guidance framework the nano-second that they were introduced to us. That's just nonsense, no one learns like that! The idea is to put the tools that spirit suggests into practice, and to practice with them so that when we forget about them (which we will) when we move on to other tools, we can remember that they are still in our tool box and available for us to use should we need them. You've also heard the adage "practice makes perfect" and while we are never striving for perfect because it simply doesn't exist, we are absolutely striving for the level of mastery appropriate to us at any given time. We can't gain any level of mastery without practice. Practicing our spiritual skills and the tips and the tricks that we are guided towards will help us keep our tool kit functional and organized, and it is a necessary part of life. Spirituality isn't something that we can just pick up and set down on a whim, but rather it too needs to be practiced. So as we creep closer to closing out 2023, remember what you have learned this year. Remember to practice what you have learned. Because if you're like most people I know, you really don't want to have to rinse and repeat and relearn some of the lessons that this year presented.

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