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Prepare To Shout It From The Rooftops!

Our Divine Download for November 2, 2021 is Happy News! from the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards with the message "Your Prayer is answered in a creative way." This is an announcement, a proclamation of sorts, about forthcoming news that you will be very happy about! This isn't the type of news that you hear that you think "oh gee, great..." rather, this is the type of mind blowing holy shit type news that you will want to shout from the roof tops. This is likely news that comes from all of the good work that you've been doing and is the culmination of your success. Whoo-hoo! Just keep in mind that the results may differ from your expectations, but you will be pleased, even delighted, nonetheless. Try to stay open minded about how your reward comes to you and how your success presents to you. It's rarely ever exactly as we envision it. When we remain open minded we allow for the possibility, the probability of something even better than what we had in mind! (And who are we to limit the universe with our narrow mere mortal thoughts?!) When you're tunnel vision focused on one type of success, you may not even notice when it arrives in a different form than what you are anticipating and that's no good. Archangel Gabriel is assuring you that this happy news is imminent, so do not worry about specifically, exactly when. Allow for the potential of a happy surprise! It may be a few days, it may be a few weeks, but Archangel Gabriel assures us that it will be less than two months from now, which is no big thing in the cosmic scheme of the timing of your life. In the meantime, stay the course with your healthy habits and productive activities which absolutely ensure your success, secure in the knowledge that your rewards are unfolding in exactly the right way at exactly the right time! Whoo-hoo!

Our Angels, including Archangel Gabriel, know that patience is not our strongest virtue as humans. If you feel like you need some extra reassurance, or just feel like it's been so very long since you've heard or been in touch with happy news, that you have a hard a time believing that there is anything positive out there for you, connect with your Angels and allow them to offer their loving guidance and reassurance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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