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Prevailing by Leaps & Bounds

Our Divine Download for May 18, 2020 is the Nine of Spring/Gazelle from the Animal Tarot Cards. In other tarot interpretations this is the Nine of Wands, Fire, Gabrielle. The Nine of Spring card is a card of acknowledgement of your hard work. You've done the work, you've built something magnificent, you've created something wonderful, but you're not quite done yet. There are still a couple of details that need to be shored up or buttoned down. There still might be a challenge or two that need to be overcome. But, this is a card of prevailing after setbacks. This is a card of standing up for and protecting what you believe in. This is your assurance that you will prevail, you'll be able to leap over whatever problems or annoyances may arise with your continued determination. Sometimes this may mean that you need to alter your intended path just a little bit, that you may have to forge ahead more in the manner of a squiggly line than a straight line. Be creative in your thinking and be graceful in your movements, even if you do need to alter your course a smidge, you're still moving forward. Embrace the flexibility and alertness of the Gazelle. You will be able to assess any situation that may arise and act quickly as necessary, so you don't have to worry or try to foresee every little thing that comes up. You'll see the obstacles and sense any impending danger in ample time to do what is necessary to alter course and react. You'll soon be doing your graceful leaps of celebration having prevailed over any and all challenges and difficulties that have arisen. You're SO very close to the finish line. You're truly almost there.


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