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Prioritize and Strategize

Our Divine Download for April 12, 2022 is Strategy from the Energy Oracle Cards. This card is all about making a plan as you are being put on notice that this is a wonderful time for setting up a very specific strategy for achieving your goals. It's time to take full control. It's time to add thought to action and set your sights on the road ahead. It is not time for reflexive or reactionary action without proper thought. It has been a frustrating time from an astrological perspective because it has not been a typical incendiary Aries season where we are revved up at the starting line and able to take action out of the gate. Rather, with SO many other planets in Pisces adding their watered down and mutable energies to the mix, our thoughts about strategy and moving forward may have been unclear, results mixed, and the lack of big forward progress frustrating. It has been a time of s-l-o-w and steady incremental progress, with the emphasis on slow. Some of the lack of progress may have resulted from lack of proper planning. It has not been a time to throw wet spaghetti noodles at the wall to see what will stick, yet that is what many of us have been attempting to do. You need to not only have a specific goal in mind, but you need to also have specific ideas about how to achieve that goal. It may be time to revamp plans that you previously had conceptualized and it may also be time to bring another person or person in to help add necessary perspective to the planning process to help you move more fully forward. You are being cautioned not to let the mundane tasks of life eat u all of your time or take you off course and away from your higher order plans. It is time to get out of the role of passive observer and become both the author and director of your own destiny. Affirm: "I plan the necessary steps to achieve my goals, and I am willing to take action in that direction. I am flexible, persistent, and prepared."

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