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Prioritize Balance and JOY

Our Divine Download for May 20, 2020 is Two of Autumn/Abyssinian Cat from the Animal Tarot Deck. In other tarot interpretations this is the Two of Coins, Pentacles, Earth, and Ariel. This is a card of having two much going on and it stresses the need for balance. It stresses the need for balance because the "too much" that you have going on is leading to stress. There is much that you are juggling and it is feeling like more work than it should because you aren't prioritizing any play or any fun. Balancing work and play will help you adjust your overall outlook and help you lighten up a bit. When you lighten up, and can approach things from a recharged and renewed mental state, you will find ways to infuse fun into your work and other priorities. Life isn't meant to be all work and no play. We might not be able to play the ways that we want to right now, or the ways that we usually do, but that doesn't mean that we have to be all gloom and doom about everything. Our Abyssinian Cat teaches us that negative or pessimistic thinking (stemming from burn out) will not get us the successful outcome that we're seeking. She encourages us to find ways to infuse joy (you know, our birth right...) into everything that we do, and all of the tasks and priorities that we are trying to balance. Abyssinians love to play and explore, and happily experience new things. They show up for us now to help us infuse some of their joie de vive back into everything that we do. Seek out ways to joyfully, playfully find balance among all of your priorities, and between your work life and your personal life.


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