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Prioritize Fierce Love

Our Divine Download for March 8, 2023 is Love Fiercely/Whooper Swans from The Illustrated Bestiary Oracle Cards. Swans mate for life and they love fiercely. Swan reminds us that when we love fiercely, our love is never truly lost. It is said that in the darkness of year's end when Swan flies North that she willingly carries with her the souls of the recently departed (because spirits gather in the North) and as she does, she loves them as fiercely and tenderly as she lover her own mate, and sees them all the way home. Some say that when she returns in the spring, a wisp of those she carried clings to her, a mirror and a memory, making Swan feel like family to those who have loved and lost. In this way, she reminds us that we best honor those we have lost through the act of love, and especially loving fiercely, and with no strings attached. Swan asks us to sit with the questions "Are you willing to transform yourself to understand the one you love?" and "How will love change you?" "Are you willing to make the sacrifices that only the fiercest love can fathom?" When you feel like you cannot find the strength and endurance for this kind of love, Swan reminds you that its sometimes as simple as choosing to do so over and over again. Love is always a choice. How much of ourselves we invest in love, how much of ourselves we give to love, how much of ourselves we allow to be touched and seen by love, how much love we are willing to accept - these are all choices. When we choose to love fiercely, we are choosing to be all in. Do you have the ferocitiy to allow yourself to go all in? Why would you want to hold yourself back from the depths and breadth of love that is available to you?

Our Angels know that love is one of those things that while seemingly simple, we humans have found a way to make challenging and even sometimes scary. They will support us and help us be more loving in all of our relationships during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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