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Prioritize Relationships for Harmony

Our Divine Download for June 11, 2020 is Relationship Harmony with Archangel Raguel and Prioritize with Archangel Metatron from the Archangel Oracle Cards. Our Archangels are asking us to prioritize our relationships in such a way as to promote harmony right now. Most often, there needs to be some compromise, some acknowledgement and attention paid to the other person or people's needs in order to achieve this. Sometimes it can also be that you may have been ignoring your own needs which does not lead to harmonic relationships in the long term. If this is the case, call on these Archangels to help you lovingly assert your own needs, so that they may be accepted and met by others. Any conflict or arguments that have been on-going, or you may have recently experienced, will begin to resolve and heal as Archangel Raguel opens the hearts of everyone involved to achieve mutually satisfactory solutions. Archangel Metatron is guiding us that we need to align our relationships and our priorities right now, and in so doing, we need to prioritize more attention and more focus on our relationships. We're slowly coming out of a time of solitude and naturally enforced self reflection and it's normal and natural that we may have become a bit selfish or self centered in this process. However, part of the the opening back up process also involves opening our hearts and our lives to others again. And that means meeting people where they're at and continuing to hold space for those we care about in our relationships to process experiences in their own time and in their own way, just as they need to do for us. Not everyone will be on the same page or in the same space about re-entering the outer world, and that will likely be the case for quite some time. Accept where you are at. Accept where those with whom you share and value relationships are at. Prioritize love and acceptance right along with your relationships as these are the true keys to relationship harmony.

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