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Prioritize Tranquility to Move You Forward

Our Divine Download for June 2, 2022 is Tranquility from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards with the message "Make time to relax, be still, and enjoy your solitude, indulging in much-needed self-care." Our society seems to function in fundamental opposition to this card! We don't make time to relax or be still. We aren't taught to appreciate or enjoy our solitude (some of us aren't even taught to be able to be by ourselves). We are so divorced from the idea of regular self-care that we don't even truly understand that that means, much more how to indulge in it or prioritize it. But our souls need it. Our souls are craving it. It is necessary for us to move forward in our life, regardless of where or how we may be moving. This is our official notice that we need to prioritize some tranquility for ourselves, stat, and that things will function better in our lives in general once we do so. Tranquility and appropriate self-care can completely shift the energy in situations where we may have been feeling stuck and stagnant. Solutions can magically appear once we begin to follow this necessary guidance. It may seem or even feel counter intuitive when we feel like we need to keep working and when we feel like we need to keep pushing forward, but this card actually says that we will experience better results when we take a softer, gentler approach and allow ourselves the tranquility that our souls are craving. Sometimes in life less is more, and this is a sure sign that at this time in your life with certain situations, less expended energy and effort are more and will definitely get your farther faster tight now. So give yourself permission to settle in and feed your soul by allowing yourself to enjoy some tranquility right now.

Reiki is a wonderful method of self-care which allows you to experience and enjoy some delightful tranquility. Schedule your Integrative Reiki Session Today:


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