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Progress Not Perfection

Our Divine Download for August 20, 2020 is Steady Progress brought to you by St. Therese of Lisieux (Little Flower) from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. When was the last time that you gave yourself credit for all of the things that you've accomplished? Do you do so daily? Weekly? Monthly? Half past neverly? Because here's the thing: you are making progress. You ARE! You might not be making as much progress as you'd like to be making. You might not be making as much progress as you'd hoped to be making. You might even feel like you're not making the progress you're "supposed to be making." But what does that even mean? "Supposed to be...?" Supposed to be what? According to whom? Who decided that? The truth is that at any given time you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Yes. Right now. Even with Covid. Even with all of the crazy circumstances of our world and each of our personal lives. You are still *exactly* where you're meant to be. And you absolutely are making progress! How do I know? Because you're not dead. Fact. So, it's time to switch the focused from this supposed to be nonsense to focusing on the facts of what you ARE doing, the progress that you ARE making, what you ARE accomplishing. Some days, it may "only" be that you put pants on (bonus points if there was a zipper or button involved). Some days it may be that all of the members of your immediate household are still alive. But, we also have a nasty tendency to only focus on the tangibles when we consider progress. The reality is that much if not most of the progress that we're making, most of the ways that we're steadily progressing, isn't always measurable in tangible terms. Did you feel accomplished today? Then so it is! Celebrate that. Notice it. That's progress! Did you choose not to participate in an unhealthy pattern yesterday? Absolutely winning. Give yourself major props for that. Did you focus on the self care that your body and your spirit needed today? Steady progress for sure! St. Therese is here with you to help you flip the script on this progress stuff and to encourage you to give yourself credit where it is due. You ARE doing well. The truth is that you are doing MUCH better than you think you are. You ARE making steady progress. Notice it. Celebrate it. Be mindful of your progress. And just like that you've made more progress!

A 60 Minute Angel Card Reading can be a wonderful perspective check when you just feel like you aren't making any progress, feel stuck, or feel like nothing is going right for you. Our Angels LOVE to help us maintain a positive and healthy perspective and will joyfully point out for you all of the ways that you are indeed progressing. Book a Session!

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