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Progress on Your Soul's Journey

Our Divine Download for February 25, 2022 is Progressions/Journey from Starcodes Astro Oracle. The planets continuously move through time and space. We also are continuously moving through both time and space, and in doing so we are progressing through our lives. Look at the root word of "progressing" - progress! We are making progress! Each and every single day. Every single moment in fact. Even when we do not feel as though we are, we truly are. #facts. Progressions do not speak of a passing thing, but to the big, sweeping arcs of karmic fate to your soul's journey. Your present situation and current circumstances may not make sense to you in the short term because it has more to do with those big karmic patterns and how those patterns intersect with the patterns of the macrocosmic astrology and the world's progress, and less to do with your daily existence. Often we find it difficult to understand the greater meaning of our current circumstances because we are looking too closely or we aren't thinking big picture enough. Even in situations that may feel fated, outcomes are not predestined and you always have free will choice about how you respond to or react to the situation, and where you will go. Look to where you would like to be at the end of your life and use that as guidance as you move through your current progressions. Allow the future of your dreams to act as a lighthouse for you to illuminate your path and guide you.

Your Angels are always here to shine light on your present situation, the journey of your life, and all of your progressions (which they long to celebrate with you!) Connect with them in this way during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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