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Promote a Life of Peace

Our Divine Download for March 29, 2022 is Peace & Harmony featuring Archangel Raguel from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. The Angels are asking you to stand down from any conflict in your life right now. When you take a step back from actively engaging in conflict, you clear the space and the path for your Angels to step in to actively restore peace. The Angels ask you to trust them, because nothing will change until you do. They are here now and they are encouraging you to let them bring the matter to a fair and peaceful conclusion. You are being surrounded in a wave of harmonious light. Allow a wave of harmony and peace to wash over your life right now. Take the time to surrender to God and the Angels any concerns you have about any conflicts, arguments, disagreements or struggles right now and allow them to lovingly guide you to peace. Surrender means that you have to actively choose to let go of the conflict or the problem. You cannot beg your Angels for resolution and turn around and dictate to them exactly how you wish for it to be resolved. Resolution may not look exactly as you imagine it, and that's okay because often times in looks even better. You always have free will choice, and free will choice allows you to choose not to pick up your sword when others in your life try to swing their swords of conflict at you - they will not be able to lock their swords with your or to engage in active conflict when you refuse to pick yours up. Choosing not to engage in conflict does not make you weak or a push over, it simply means that you choose to promote peace and you value your peaceful experience and wish to lead a peaceful life. Your Angels will always support you in resolution when you simply ask for their assistance. It's time to get your peace on. It's the life that you are meant to live.

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