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Protect From Projections

Our Divine Download for February 2, 2024 is Metal Rat/Beware of Projection from The Chinese Five Elements Oracle. Human nature typically involves a lot of projection. We project our stuff on other people. A. Lot. Other people project their stuff on us. A. Lot. The thing of it is, our stuff is ours and their stuff is theirs. But we are often codependent in our relationships, sometimes even all of our relationships on various levels and we want to be able to relate to people, and we want them to be able to relate to us. So we project our stuff onto them because we want to "help" them fix it. But that's not our job! Our job is to take ownership of our stuff and fix our own stuff. That isn't to say that we can't share with others what our experience was or is in identifying and doing so. But there's a BIG difference between saying "here's this thing that I realized about myself and what I did about it" versus saying "This is mine and now I'm going to make it yours too" or worse still "this is mine and I won't take responsibility for it, so now it's all yours." Be mindful of where you fall on the scale of projecting. Be mindful if you are inadvertently projecting to be helpful. Be mindful as to if others are projecting onto you. One of my favorite questions is "is this a me problem or a them problem?" (Because usually more often than not, its a them problem!) Projection is going to happen. Again, it's human nature. Just be mindful of it, and conscious in your participation in it, from both ends.

Sometimes our Angels have an easier time seeing our projections and what is being projected upon us than we do and they will help us do so during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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