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Purify Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Our Divine Download for July 29, 2021 is Rain/Purification from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Ah yes, purification. Everyone's favorite concept. Nevertheless, this is what the universe is tasking us with right now. Do you need to purify your mind, body, or spirit? Chances are you already know, and whatever you thought of first when you saw this card is the right answer. You can purify your mind by honestly assessing any beliefs or behavioral patterns that inhibit you from being your 100% authentic self. What thoughts or beliefs do you have that keep you from showing up as 100% you 100% of the time? The easiest way to purify your heart is to allow yourself to breathe in and out both blessings and forgiveness which will open your heart chakra to allow you to experience even more blessings and to love even more deeply. Also allow yourself to fully experience any grief that you are holding in your heart - lean into it and cry until you have fully expressed all of the tears and released anything and everything that you are grieving for and from. Detoxify your body in whatever ways are necessary. Your body is not only your temple, but it is the seat of your soul. Perhaps there are changes that you need to make to your diet. Maybe you need to do a cleanse for a few days. You might just need to drink more water. Just increasing the amount of water that you drink, and drinking it with deep appreciation for it's purpose will revitalize your spirit. Water is considered lifeblood in some cultures because it is so essential to every form of life on Earth. Just increasing your water intake will help you begin to purify yourself in all ways. Be willing to be open and honest with yourself and truthfully assess all of the areas in which you may need purification. Then be willing to take whatever action steps are necessary to purify yourself into the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Reiki can help purify our bodies physically and energetically and can be an important and dynamic part of any purification process. Book your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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