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Purify Your Way to Peace

Our Divine Download for Tuesday April 28, 2020 is Purification/White Rose from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. We are being guided right now not just to assess our energy, but to purify by no longer interacting with those things that do not feel good to us and do not promote our peace. Purification right now may look very different than it did two months ago, and that may also be very different than it will be two months into the future. But we're not going to worry about

the then or the there. We're only going to focus on the now. Your litmus test for everything and everyone in your life right now, is "Does this bring me peace? Does this promote peace in my life?" If it does not, you need to purify yourself from whatever that is. Don't eat and drink the things that do not bring you peace. Don't talk to the people who cause you to feel less than peaceful. Don't go to places (or Zoom with environments) that don't feel peaceful and easy for you. You need to be your own warrior of peace right now fighting against the war of negativity. It's not an easy battle at the moment, but your greatest weapon is your ability to simply not engage with that which doesn't serve you. Boom. Instant peace. You can't just talk the peace talk and then engage in a bunch of negativity on social media or with the news, because that's not walking the peace walk. Sometimes we get hung up with concerns that are beyond our sphere of influence and that leaves us feeling agitated and anything but peaceful. Focus on you. You alone. What can you control? What do you have influence over. Stay there. Purify those things. Let the rest of it go. Trust that the Universe will handle what needs to be handled and focus on cultivating your own peace as though it is your job. Because it is. As your purify those things from your life that interfere with your cultivation of peace, you may find that you need some additional help with the purification process. The White Rose is here to assist you energetically in any additional purification your energy field may need.

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