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Put Down Your Sword For Peace

Our Divine Download for June 11, 2021 is Hostilities from The Energy Oracle Cards. When we are presented with hostilities, it is natural for us to react to aggressive energy with our own aggressive energy and with our defenses up. We live in a world where unfortunately, we encounter more than our fair share of hostility and aggression. However, we do not need to be in a space of anticipation for these hostilities, increasing the likelihood through the law of attraction that we will indeed encounter what we anticipate. We also do not need to be reactionary to the hostilities that we do encounter. This isn't to say that we should subject ourselves to abuse, or have to remain passive all of the time, but the reality is that aggressive and hostile energy will beget more aggressive and hostile energy. Ultimately we do not need to participate in every conflict we are invited too. With so much conflict at play in the world, it simply isn't possible for any of us to sustain that. We always have a choice. We have a choice to pick up and yield our proverbial sword and potentially escalate hostilities into battle grounds. Or we have a choice to sheath our sword, and choose not to engage in hostilities. It is true that those hostilities will likely still exist and may even continue without our participation. But, we will not be as affected by those hostilities or hostile energy when we choose not to engage. It will be quicker and easier for us to recover and continue on our path towards peace. Honesty asses your involvement in recent hostile situations and ask yourself what you could have done differently. Ask yourself what you can do differently moving forward so as to be less reactionary to the hostilities that you do encounter. Ask yourself what gets triggered within you which causes you to want to react to hostile energies. The more you are in touch with, and in control of why and how you react the way you do, the more ease you can have as you move through your life on a daily basis. Challenge yourself to put down your sword as often as possible.

When we come from backgrounds and families of origin where hostility and aggression may have been the modus operandi, it can be difficult to unlearn, just as when we feel chronically unheard, it makes being reactionary much more likely. Your Angels will help you identify the places where your past conditioning and current behaviors intersect and gently guide you towards easy action steps to heal the past and move forward in Peace during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session!


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