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Put The Past Behind You

Our Divine Download for March 30, 2022 is The Miracle of Forgiveness/Archangel Jeremiel from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. Archangel Jeremiel brings us this card as a gentle and loving reminder that there is an opportunity to forgive within every challenging area of your life right now. Forgiveness is a deconditioning of the mind, it is the process that takes place when we let go of fear and choose love instead. Forgiveness is a miraculous process that breaks down any barricades that shut off our heart and soul from the most divine and abundant experiences. We deserve to experience only love in our life and on our spiritual journey. Your Angels are encouraging you to choose forgiveness today, and they are asking you to stop giving yourself a hard time, or worse yet, punishing yourself for past choices. Forgive yourself and let go of any thoughts of regret or pain. Unforgiving or resentful thoughts, towards yourself or another, act as a weight and drag you down, draining both your body and your mind. Our Angels are here to set us free from our past and remind us that it doesn't exist because only the present moment is real. Take a moment with that and choose not to live in an imaginary space in time which no longer exists. You are forgiven, regardless of whether or not you choose to forgive yourself. Trust this and allow yourself to move forwards putting the past behind you once and for all.

Our Angels are forgiveness experts and want us to lighten up on ourselves and practice radical self forgiveness. They will help us do this during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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