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Put Your Behind in the Past

Our Divine Download for May 29, 2020 is Past Life Issues from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. It is possible that you are dealing with the ramifications of an issue that originated in another lifetime. However, it is FAR more likely that this card is telling you that it's time to resolve any issues that continue to plague you from your past in this lifetime. You will know that it's still an issue for you, that it hasn't been resolved or fully integrated if when you think of it you feel any sort of emotional charge. Ask yourself if it is serving you to be in this emotionally charged space. Ask yourself what lessons you need to learn from this past situation that you have not yet learned or integrated. Ask yourself whom you need to forgive pertaining to this situation (and don't be surprised if the answer is yourself!) Partner with your Angels and ask them to help you recognize why you are still holding on to the emotional charge of this situation. Ask them to help you restore physical, emotional and energetic balance within you through all space and time. Ask them to help identify any ineffective or unhealthy emotional patterning of which you may not have been previously consciously aware, that is not serving your life purpose or your greatest and highest good. Ask them to help you release. Make it a practice to release the past each day before you go to bed - there's no reason to allow even the recent past to clog you up or hold you back. Healing the past doesn't have to be difficult, challenging, or painful. Usually all it takes is an awareness and a willingness. Stop stigmatizing those things that are in the past by avoiding them or inadvertently romanticizing them. See them for what they are. Accept them. Learn from them. Bless them. And release them. Be like Timone and Pumba from the Lion King and leave your behind in the past.

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