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Re-evaluate Your Boundaries

Our Divine Download for May 8, 2021 is Ishtar/Boundaries from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards with the message "Love yourself enough to say no to others' demands on your time and energy." Boundaries get a bad rap. We think of boundaries as being harsh and un-moving, unmoveable, authoritarian, dictatorial, etc., etc., etc. But in truth, boundaries are a necessary part of life, and boundaries can be exercised and enforced, and even creative out of love and a loving place. When we put up boundaries seemingly to block everything out, we usually succeed in doing just that. BUT, that means we succeed in isolating ourselves and cutting ourselves off from everything, good as well as bad. Proper boundaries, as they are meant to exist, are permeable and allow energies that are of the light: love, gratitude, support, encouragement, friendship, grace, etc, to flow through. Boundaries are only meant to protect and keep out dark and harmful energies. But far to often, we put up a stone wall that resembles the Great Wall of China, when in reality all that we ever needed was a picket fence. We confuse our past experiences with others, where maybe we did not put up appropriate boundaries in a timely manner, and use those past experiences as our justification to go balls to the walls with the boundaries we set with people now. But how is that fair or appropriate for anyone? When we make boundaries about other people, we are doing it wrong! Boundaries are NEVER actually about other people! They are only about us, about protecting and filtering our time and our energy. We actually don't need other people to do that. When you put boundaries up as barriers with other people, they're not only not going to work particularly well, but chances are better than not that those boundaries will require far more of your time and energy to be readjusted and renegotiated than they would have if you had just focused on yourself and what you needed to do for you to begin with. So, take stock of your existing boundaries and really honestly assess if they are about others or about you protecting your own time and energy. Be willing to make adjustments where needed. Be willing to use softer, more permeable boundaries to allow the love and light that we all so desperately need right now to flow in to you.

There will always be people in our lives with whom boundaries just don't ever seem to work. Sometimes there are bigger, more karmic issues at play here and you may need to consider an Energetic Cord Cutting in order to remove the negative cords of attachment that have kept these dynamics at play in your life. Bo

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