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Reach Beyond Apathy & Discontent

Our Divine Download for November 30, 2020 is Eight of Water from the Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards. The Eight of Water is all about discontent, but it's an emotional discontent. The things that you once loved, that once wow'd you, have just lost their luster for you, aren't shining for you anymore. You know that you want something else, but you also have a keen awareness that any old something else simply won't do. But when you're feeling so very apathetic, where and how do you even begin to start looking for the next big thing, that shiny thing, that thing that will wow you once again? You look within. It's time to dig deeper, because surface stuff may not sparkle or shine for you again. There's more within you that's not being explored, which is why those things outside of yourself seem so dull and listless. The path towards spiritual enlightenment, happiness, and inner knowledge does not have to be discovered or paved today! Sometimes it is simply enough to decide that you are going to embark on the path of "more" and the more that you seek will unfold before you. So assess the situations in your life that are causing you anything less than shiny happy feelings. If they're no longer serving you, what are you going to do about it? (Hint: continuing to do the same things over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Facts). If you want to feel different, you need to choose different, and you need to do different. Today is the day to decide how you want to feel, how you want to experience your life moving forward. This might seem like it's a big choice, but it's honestly the simplest and most concise choice you'll ever make. What area or areas of your life doesn't have you all up in the happy feels? Or in any sort of feels at all? Start there. Look there. Look within. Align with the changes that your spirit, your soul is calling you to make. Choose yourself. Choose your best life. Choose to leave apathy and discontent far, far behind. Because apathy and discontent do not serve you other than to alert you that you're out of alignment with your highest and best path. They are not a place to be or a place to dwell. Choose more! Choose better. Choose yourself and your absolute best and most beautiful life.

Moving beyond apathy and discontent is one of our most basic skills, but it can be really challenging when you've been in these spaces for so darned long. Receive some simple, easy to follow spiritual action steps with a Back to Basics Session. Book your session today!

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