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Reach Out & Grab Hold

Our Divine Download for October 22, 2020 is Reach Out from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck. You don't have to go it alone. Whatever "it" is. You are supported both by people on the Earth plane, and by people in spirit. But, you've got to be willing to receive any support that is offered, and it very much helps if you are willing to reach out to others and let them know that you could use a little help right now. There is no failure or weakness in asking for help. In fact it shows great courage and strength. Support is as much about the act of accepting what help is offered as it is about the emotional benefits of being supported. It's important to learn and truly accept the help that is presented to you, however it is presented. It is up to us to reach out and ask for help, it is not up to us to tell spirit or the people in our lives exactly what form that help should take or how it should look. Your first test of strength and acceptance is to simply acknowledge that you could use and would appreciate some help. If you aren't yet ready to say so to the safe people in your life, ask your Angels and your Guides. Start by admitting this to yourself. You will feel better once you allow support to be offered and you will also be able to achieve so much more than you ever could have if you had continued to go it alone. Sometimes it can be the help we are offered and receive with the "little" things that can make the biggest difference for us when we are struggling to cope with a challenging situation. Receiving that help can reenergize us and help to balance our emotions and quiet our minds. In this new and better more balanced place, we are then able to connect to and discover new ways to cope both with our current situation and those situations which will occur in the future. Reach out and allow the Universe to reach back in a show of support. You need it and you deserve it. You are supported. You've just got to grab on to the lifeline that the Universe is offering you.

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