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Receive & Believe Your Massive Inner Strength

Our Divine Download for April 2, 2023 is Angel of Strength from the Energy Oracle Cards. The Angel of Strength shows up for us to remind us of our personal power and inner strength. It doesn't matter how beat up and torn down or kicked around and thrown down you feel right now, the reality is you are strong. STRONG. Strong as hell. You know that you possess this strength because if you didn't, you wouldn't keep getting back up. #facts And you've gotten up every single time that you felt like you couldn't. You might not have wanted to. You might not have liked it. You might not have even felt as though your heart were fully in it. But you got up. On some level you dusted yourself off, and you moved forward and you moved on. Because you're strong as hell. So the fucking fantastic news here is that this amazing angels brings news that this is a time of *increasing* power for you! BOOM! This is not a time for you to be passive or submissive, but to speak your truth and take action on your behalf. You are capable of taking greater control and directing your own destiny for the power that comes from within you reaches out to the universe and beyond. Inner strength and unlimited resources flow through you at this time, helping you to create real results. Call upon this Angel of Strength, and on your own inner resourcefulness to bring you the focus and resolve to do what's necessary in order to make your dreams a reality. Affirm: "Deep within me i