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Receive Motherly Nurturance

Our Divine Download for September 17, 2022 is Devi Ma Kali from the Kali Oracle Cards. Kali often gets a bum rap as the goddess of destruction, and as such, it tends to be overlooked that Kali is the ultimate embodiment of the divine mother and *that* is why she may have gone a bit mama bear on those she perceived to be messing with her proverbial cubs. Kali is actually endlessly loving and infinitely forgiving and will never turn away from you. It does not matter what you have done, or how many mistakes you may have made, she is here for you always. She offers that safety and sanctuary of her divine hugs. Will you allow yourself to fall into her embrace and feel her protection and her love? She is your soft place to fall as well as your kindest and most enthusiastic advocate. Allow her to shift your experience away from endless tasks and constantly increasing expectations into sweet relief and comforting connection. Sometimes we all just need comfort. Sometimes we also all just need our mother, but for numerous reasons, our own mother figure might not be accessible or available to us, or even an emotionally safe option for us to seek comfort. This is when Kali shows up for us so that we do not feel deprived and are able to have our emotional needs met from our Divine Mother who has the resources to meet all of our needs now and always. Kali will also work with us when we struggle to receive grace or have subconscious resistance to receiving grace and help. How do you need to be mothered right now? Will you allow yourself to receive grace in the spaces of your life where you need it most?

Our Angels also provide nurturing energy and are happy to help us work on our ability to receive comfort, grace, and support during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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