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Receive The Gifts Of The Divine

Our Divine Download for December 12, 2022 is Gifts From God. Archangel Sandalphon says "We angels bring you gifts from your creator. Open your arms to receive." We're in the season of giving and our creator, the divine, the whole of the universe isn't about to ignore that or not participate. We are being given more gifts and offered more blessings now than at other times in the recent past. The key is that we need to be aware of and open to receive those gifts and blessings. We talk ourselves out of gifts from God, convincing ourselves that it is just "luck" or "coincidence" or something that would have happened or something that we would have received anyway. Sigh. What do you think luck is? Where do you think luck stems from? Who do you think created luck?! And yeah, maybe these wonderful gifts might have come to you anyway, because the universe set it up that way! Can you imagine someone handing you a beautiful gift and you saying to them "oh, this is just luck, I would have gotten it anyway" instead of expressing gratitude? The gift giver would feel awful and rejected. THAT is the energy that you put out into the universe when you fail to gracefully receive the gifts from your creator. You essentially begin to repel your blessings energetically. So stop that! Practice graciously receiving. Practice gratitude. Practice acknowledging. If the energy of receiving isn't particularly comfortable for you, open your arms as wide as you can at least once a day, and take a breath in this position as you declare out loud to the universe "I am open to receive!" And so it is!

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