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Receive The Spiritual Support Of The Universe

Our Divine Download for March 22, 2024 is A Spiritual Hug from The Healing Spirits Oracle. It is an interesting phenomena in our society that though we are more connected than we have ever been due to technological advancements and social media, and walking around with computers in the palms of our hands, many of us find ourselves more lonely and more isolated than ever before. The universe says this isn't so! We are ALL connected, and we are ALL connected to our tribe on the other side, despite not being able to see, hear, and touch them in the same way. This is a loving reminder that we have myriad supporters there for us, to comfort us, to guide us, to offer us a spiritual hug at any time - all we ever need do is ask! (But we often, or even usually forget to ask!) Be willing to accept the spiritual hug that the universe is offering you and stay surrounded and comforted in that energy, as you are meant to. We were never and are never to be separate from our creator, from our guardian angel(s), from our gate-keeper, from our deceased loved ones. Separation is one place that human beings often get things terribly wrong. This isn't to say that we can't take a little down time or alone time from time to time, but we should not be staying in the space and energy of isolation. We are by natural social creatures (yes, even those of you who just groaned at that statement) and as such, we are meant to be surrounded by other beings, energies, and entities most of the time. It is in this connected space, these connected spaces where we will best and most easily be nurtured and experienced our fastest and best growth. So receive the spiritual hug from the universe and lean into a pseudo-permanent energy exchange of this nature.

Our Angels know that it is isolating and lonely to be human sometimes and our society doesn't always make this any easier. They will gladly give us Spiritual Action Steps to support our unity and connectivity during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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