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Receive To Share More

Our Divine Download for November 22, 2020 is It Is Safe For You To Receive from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards. People often have unspoken, unrealized, and unacknowledged blocks to receiving. One of the biggest ones that most people do not even realize they have stems from lack mentality and the idea that if you have more someone else somewhere will have less. That's not how this works! That's literally not how Abundance works. When you have more, you raise your vibration, and you also raise your ability to do more good for the world with the resources that you have. You raise your ability to give to others. When you give to others, regardless of if it is with gifts of time, money, or support, they in turn have more to give to others too. So, when you have more, others have more. Always. No exceptions. #facts. THIS is how Abundance works. This is what happens in an Abundant Universe. On an Abundant planet. On which we live. Wouldn't you like to help others more? Wouldn't you like to be able to literally spread the wealth? Can you imagine what you could do, how much good you can do when you have more? Who are you to block this process? Being willing and open to receiving is the key to allowing the Abundance process to flow for all people in all ways. Affirm to the Universe that you are indeed open to receive, that you feel safe in doing so. Throw your arms open in a receptive gesture and declare to the Universe "I am open to receive all of your Abundant Blessings!" or "Thank you for helping me feel safe in receiving!" And let that Abundance flow to you and through you. As this is how it is meant to be! And so it is!

Sometimes blocks to receiving and the lack of safety people perceive with receiving, especially financial resources can be corded to our families of origin in a negative and binding way. An energetic cord cutting can cut those cords of attachment freeing you to experience your Divine Rite Abundance. Book a Session!


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